If you were asked, “What are the essential tenets of our Krishna Bhakti tradition?”, what would you say? This lecture combined with audience participation will focus on the nature of the journey in Krishna Bhakti and the nature of the “arrival” in order to gain greater clarity and a deeper sense of the fundamental vision of Krishna Bhakti philosophy.

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Speaker: Garuda das, Ph.D

Garuda Das, Ph.D. did his graduate studies at Harvard University and the University of Chicago, and received his doctorate in Comparative Religion from Harvard. Schweig has taught at Duke University and University of North Carolina, and is currently Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies and Director of the Asian Studies Program at Christopher Newport University, on the Virginia peninsula. He was recently Visiting Associate Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Virginia. Garuda Das is an internationally renowned lecturer and sought out scholar who was a former Resident Fellow of the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies of Oxford University, and recently has been invited to be a Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall at Cambridge University.

His research has taken him to India many times, including the directing of a one-year project funded by the Smithsonian Institution involving the preservation of rare Vaishnava manuscripts. Garuda Dasa’s work focuses on yoga and the devotional bhakti traditions of India, and interfaith dialogue. He is the author of Dance of Divine Love: The Rasa Lila of Krishna from the Bhagavata Purana, published by Princeton University Press, and his recently relesed Bhagavad Gita: The Beloved Lord’s Secret Love Song, published by Harper Collins. Recently he published A Living Theology of Krishna Bhakti, a work by Tamal Krishna Goswami, which was published by Oxford University Press, a work to which Garuda Das contributed introduction and conclusion chapters. There are several more books forthcoming, to be published by Yale University Press, Columbia University Press, among others.

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